Mina Olen Noiduttu #3

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NOIDUTTU story of archaeology student David Waters and his journey that takes him from his thesis to the discovery of a lifetime. Based on Finnish mythology.

In the third installment of Noiduttu, David is challenged on all sides by his newly found self, a newly found friend, and experiences a quiet drink in an Avenue A bar with a woman who has been dead over a hundred years. He barely has time to digest this before he has to meet with his patron to discuss the future of his thesis. How do you explain to anyone that mythological creatures once confined to story and legend are now sitting next to you in an Avenue A bar in New York City enjoying a drink with you? The new world that David has unlocked continues to emerge and grow as the story unfolds. 

Creator(s): A.P. Delchi, Anna Wieszczyk
Audience: Mature
Format: 31 pages, B&W
Trim Size: 6.625" x 10.25"