Mina Olen Noiduttu #4

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NOIDUTTU story of archaeology student David Waters and his journey that takes him from his thesis to the discovery of a lifetime. Based on Finnish mythology.

All work and no play has left David in a place where he quietly accepts his fate without realizing what it means. He sets out for a night out on the town in Manhattan at an underground club. A club run by an immortal over 300 years old. 

Surrounded by an artistic backdrop created by finest creatives in the city he begins to relax and consider his fate. Meanwhile what everyone thinks is a club performance turns out to be the Noiduttu dancing with the heart & soul of a club employee. 

No worse for wear, David prepares to meet his patron. The spotlight is on him as he is challenged like no other time in his life.

Creator(s): A.P. Delchi, Anna Wieszczyk
Audience: Mature
Format: 32 pages, B&W
Trim Size: 6.625" x 10.25"