Mina Olen Noiduttu #5

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NOIDUTTU story of archaeology student David Waters and his journey that takes him from his thesis to the discovery of a lifetime. Based on Finnish mythology.

Fresh from his latest brush with the new world, David meets his sponsor face to face for the first time. Challenged to recite the story of the Noiduttu. A city stands with its breath held as the old magics circle midtown Manhattan once again. 

Believing that he is ready, professor Rawls take David on his next adventure deep inside of a private sanctuary where a fallen Vampire is memorialized in a secret ceremony. Once again, David finds himself in a place he is not sure he belongs with all eyes on him. The only difference this time is that all of his adventures are starting to take their toll. 

In this issue of the ongoing tale, David takes an accounting of his life from skytop offices to secret sanctuaries and his inevitable meeting with the enigmatic Vampire leader "Father".

Creator(s): A.P. Delchi, Anna Wieszczyk
Audience: Mature
Format: 32 pages, B&W
Trim Size: 6.625" x 10.25"