Grab Back Comics

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The Grab Back Comics Anthology, Acts of Love and Resistance, was published in June 2017.  The anthology includes 92 pages of beautiful comics, plus a mini poster!  It features work by 17 artists from Canada, Europe, and the US on the themes of sexual assault, survival, and recovery.

Creators: Erika Rier, Robin Elan, Rachel Masilamani, Tatiana Gill, Oana & Maria Heller, Catherine Alice Michaelis, Erma Blood, Nicole J. Georges, Mikiko Galpin, Tess LeBlanc, Amy Camber, T.O. Walker, Anna Vo, E.T. Russian, Barry Deutsch, Ellen Forney, and Gillian Rhodes (cover)
Audience: Mature
Format: 92 pages, black & white with color insert
Trim Size: 6" x 9"