LASTCALL in Vegas #1 & 2 combo pack

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Two-for-one alien alcohol adventure! Get issue #1 and #2 as a combo pack.

When two security guards at Area 51 decide to joyride a government owned UFO across the Nevada desert they discover that no matter where you go in the universe a mini-bar is a vital part of any road trip. A few shots of alien liquor later the crash land their borrowed UFO unleashing the mysterious bottle opener known as the Grognox into the desert sand. Through what is known as the Vegas circle of life the opener ends up in a pawn shop and then in the hands of a bartender. Later that night the bartender discovers that with the utterance of the word "INTOXICA" he is transformed into LASTCALL - and endowed with abilities and strengths far beyond any bartender who ever picked up a bottle! Join Tero and his friends as they explore high adventure through Las Vegas! 

Adding to the chaos are Thee Swank Bastards who not only provide the music but part of the madness. 

Creator(s): A.P. Delchi, James Liswed, Gabriele Schiavoni, Das Frank
Audience: Mature
Format: (issue #1) 12 pages, B&W; (issue #2) 20 pages, B&W
Trim Size: 6.625" x 10.25"