Sci-Fi San Fransisco

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From the people who brought you The Comic Book Guide to the Mission comes Sci-Fi San Francisco, an anthology of speculative fiction comics set in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each of these stories is as strange as San Francisco itself:

  • When their rent in their version of San Francisco gets too high, a couple hires an interdimensional real estate agent.
  • A cat-loving wrestler wakes up in a distant future where he becomes the champion of a race of hyper-evolved felines.
  • A team of do-gooder biotech researchers discover their technology can make people beautiful. But is their sudden financial success really a good thing?
  • A mysterious blackmailer threatens to remove people's entire digital identities. But that's impossible, right?
  • An inventor, sick of SF's transformation into a tech mecca, travels back to the city's punk rock past.
  • An interplanetary accountant travels to San Francisco to discover why no one is spending money in the city anymore.
  • In the distant future, humans have become the city's underclass, enduring the verbal abuse of wealthy robots.

Creator(s): Chuck Whelon (cover), Lauren Davis, Stephenny Godfrey, Emma Dudley, Cheryl Leong, Jackie Lo, Walter Ricon, Yabette Swank, Eric Wong, Storm ArcanaEli BishopCraig CampbellSean ChikiBeth DeanDanny DjeljosevicJamaica DyerShaenon GarrityPeter GlantingJoe Hewitt, Claire Hoch-Frohmann, Philip LambertJackie LoEd LuceKaren LukJonas Madden-ConnorDiana NanevaK. A. PolzinAlfred TwuJeff WalkerJono Xia
Audience: Mature
Format: pages, B&W
Trim Size: 6.625" x 10.25"