Almost Real Vol. 4

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An idea conceived by Jay Eaton and administered by Fortuna Media's Mia "Hye" Mardikian, Almost Real: A Speculative Biology Zine is a 60+ page art collection/magazine with entries inspired by the imagination, but rooted in the anatomically and functionally plausible. Focused on the celebration of speculative biology, Almost Real aims to recapture the magic of publications like Zoobooks and interactive encyclopedia artwork entries that inspired both young and old at heart.

With our 4th volume, we're taking a look  at everything that's possible in the wild, creative world of biotechnological wonders! Spanning the topics of cybernetic enhancements, genetically modified organisms, and even livestock (the ORIGINAL biotechnology), our contributors have spent a long time in the lab bringing plans to the table they think you're sure to love.

Creator(s): Edited by Jay Eaton and Mia "Hye" Mardikian. Contributors: Rowena V | Iris Jay | Moa (Avian King) | Roxy Valdez | Blue Dellaquanti | MechanizedMonsters | Takamatsu-kun | Galen “Strop” Haecky | Jack Friedman | Mike McGhee | Hotcoin Ryan McCowan | Emely Pascual | Hana Chatani
Audience: All Ages
Format: 77 pages, full color, softcover magazine
Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"