Submissions Information

Submissions are CLOSED.

We will reopen submissions in 2025, probably around March! Please check back.

If you are currently in the submissions queue, we are working on responding as quickly as possible.

If you a current client of Emerald Comics Distro, you can email about new titles.

What does it mean to be distributed by Emerald Comics Distro?

  • You submit your work and if it's a good fit for the Emerald Comics Distro catalog, you will sign a service contract.
  • Your works join over 70 creators and small presses on the Emerald Comics Distro web store. Your work can be sold either just to shops or to both shops and retail customers, your choice. 
  • ECD visits shops in Washington and Oregon at least quarterly and pitches your work in person to shop owners who stock indie titles.
  • You pay ECD a service fee monthly via a recurring invoice from Square. The subscription fees are as follows, depending on how many catalog items you have:
    • 1-2 items: $7.50/mo
    • 3-5 items: $10/mo
    • 6-10 items: $15/mo
    • 11-15 items: $20/mo
    • custom rates available for over 15 titles
  • You pay for shipping your books to ECD; ECD pays if either of us ever need to ship your books back to you. (Do not ship books unless we've requested a restock.)
  • ECD collects money from shops and sends you a sales report and sales money quarterly. You get no less than 50% cover. (Sometimes more, depending on terms with individual shops.) Payments are made through PayPal.


For reference, when they're open, here's how the process works:

Step One: Submit Your Work

Here's how!

  1. Fill out this form for each title you'd like to submit:
  2. There is a spot to submit .pdf files on the form. If the files are too big, you may email them to info at emeraldcomicsdistro dot com. Optionally, you may also physical copy of the work(s) you want distributed. Mailed copies of work are non-returnable.
  3. ECD will respond to you within a month; if you haven't heard back, feel free to send up follow up emails.

What ECD is looking for: Fiction or nonfiction comics that have a some kind of story or narrative in them. Poetry comics. Zines that have a strong visual element. All genres please! Autobio? Yes. Space opera? Yes. Queer romance? Yes. Romantic queer space opera based that's sorta autobiographical? Heck yes! I'm actively looking for themed anthologies, all-ages comics, and comics about/by LGBTQIA+ folks. That being said, send all genres please. 

What ECD is *not* looking for: Bigotry, hate speech, misogyny, child pornography, torture porn, poor quality production. Sketchbooks, art books, and card decks are okay but we will be highly selective. At this time we're not looking for calendars, prints, and other paper goods or merch. Emerald Comics Distro reserves the right to reject your work for any reason.

What to expect after you submit: Submissions are evaluated by one or two people, and coordinated by me, Anne. You can expect notification of acceptance or rejection within a month. If you have general questions, please use the contact form or email info at emeraldcomicsdistro dot com.

Step Two: Paperwork

Once Emerald Comics Distro accepts your comic, you will review and sign a contract of service. We'll set up a service payment plan via Square. Then we'll request a starting quantity, which you'll deliver. You can mail them, or arrange an in-person pick up in the Seattle area.

Step Three: Initial placement

If you already have your books consigned in the ECD network of shops, we'll track what's there and reconcile outstanding payments. Otherwise, we'll pitch your book to shops that don't have them. You'll get an initial report at the end of your first quarter. 

As a reminder, we'll shout out your title and post about sales on our social media accounts, but we're not a full service publicity company; it really helps if you're also doing publicity efforts on your own.

Step Four: Ongoing management

Every quarter, we will track your books, let you know if stock of any title is low, and send you whatever money you made that quarter. Payments are made through PayPal.