Emerald Comics Distro FAQ

When did this happen?

Emerald Comics Distro was founded in 2016 by Anne Bean.

What exactly does Emerald do?

Emerald Comics Distro helps independent comics creators, creative teams, and small presses sell comics.

Since the beginning, Emerald has been providing Pacific Northwest consignment and sales management, repping and selling comics to shops. Creators provide us with books; we sell and consign them, hold the sales money for the creators, and then pass sales money back on a quarterly basis. 

Most of the full ECD catalog is available for retail purchase, and even more tasty books are available to shops across the world in the wholesale catalog. If you're a comic shop, bookstore, library, or other brick and mortar retailer and you'd like high quality indie comics in your shop, please fill out a wholesale application and check out our wholesale terms

Why buy from Emerald Comics Distro?

When you buy comics from ECD, you are supporting great independent comics creators and small presses. Find high-quality small press titles, unique minicomics, and even indie work of established creators.

Where can I find ECD-distributed comics in shops?

Right now, Emerald is working with over a dozen comic shops and bookstores in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and Portland, as well as Michigan, Texas, and California. We're always expanding. Check out our current map!

What's the overall plan?

Emerald started out doing local distribution to shops in the Puget Sound region. ECD has since expanded local distro throughout Oregon and Washington.

Through our online store, brick and mortar shops all over the world can get ECD's quality indie comics at wholesale prices. Plus, the retail shop lets customers from all over the world buy comics directly.

Can I submit work for distribution?

During open submissions periods, yes! You can find more details on our submissions page.

What kind of work are you looking for?

What ECD is looking for: Fiction or nonfiction comics that have a some kind of story or narrative in them. Poetry comics. Zines that have a strong visual element. All genres please! Autobio? Yes. Space opera? Yes. Queer romance? Yes. Romantic queer space opera based that's sorta autobiographical? Heck yes! I'm actively looking for themed anthologies, all-ages comics, and comics about/by LGBTQIA+ folks. That being said, send all genres please. 

What ECD is *not* looking for: Bigotry, hate speech, misogyny, child pornography, torture porn, poor quality production. Sketchbooks, art books, and card decks are okay but we will be highly selective. At this time we're not looking for calendars, prints, and other paper goods or merch. Emerald Comics Distro reserves the right to reject your work for any reason.

How much does distribution cost creators?

Creators pay ECD a monthly service fee, ranging from $7.50 to $20, depending on how many titles they are distributing. For books sold wholesale or consigned with shops, ECD takes no cut of sales. For books sold retail through the web store, ECD does take a cut of sales. Creators always get at least 50% of cover prices.