We Need You to Hear This

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We Need You to Hear This: affirmations from your family in the woods and beyond
We Need You to Hear This is a collection of illustrated re-parenting affirmations told from the point of view of various creatures of the natural world. This zine was created in loving memory of St Louis/Tulsa community leader and dearest friend Fernande Galindo, who we lost in 2023. It's a love letter to every trans person; please read this zine in the mirror and know you are loved. Designed by @fern_werm in St. Louis MO, printed @outletpdx and assembled by Sonny Honey Press in Portland OR. Risograph printed zine in ink colors fluorescent pink, blue, and light lime.

Creator(s): Fern Meadow
Audience: All ages 
Format: 20 pages including cover, multicolor riso on oatmeal paper, stapled zine
Trim Size: 5.25" x 6.5"