It's Okay That It's Not Okay

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"It’s Okay That It’s Not Okay" is an autobiographical story about what it feels like when strong repressed emotions finally catch up to you and make themselves heard. Our narrator has to reckon with how she’s used her go-go-go workaholism as a coping mechanism to avoid grief. The story invites us to consider what it might take in our day and age to actually stop, take a break, catch our breaths, and feel some feelings. It’s a story about knowing that we can survive our hardest emotions because those feelings are what make us more human and more whole.

The story is both timely and timeless. 

This comic has already been serialized in its entirety online, with the first few chapters printed as mini-zines. Now, you can get the whole book in its full glory that you can hold in your hands, put on your bookshelf, and/or lend to a friend!

Creator(s): Christina Tran
Audience: Teen +
Format: 132 pages, full color
Trim Size: 5.25" x 8"