Almost Real Vol. 1

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 Art and science can go hand in hand- logical and fantastical can meet and make something that walks, talks, flies, or crawls. How great were those publications of old where you could crack open a magazine or encyclopedia and see how creatures and critters’ insides worked, as we scribbled down monster designs in the margins of our sketchbooks? Almost Real is an ode to those who looked for art and science to go hand in hand and were inspired by childhood bestiaries, for those who wanted logic and lopsided monsters to meet and make sense, and for those who wanted see creatures so lifelike that they could be... well, Almost Real.

Creator(s): Hye Mardikian, Jay Eaton, Kory Bing, Magera Gordon, Deadwood Dross, Abby Howard, Amanda Lien, Emily Outerbridge, Julian Pancaldi, Kanesha Bryant, and various
Audience: All ages
Format: 65 pgs, softcover magazine, full color
Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"