Vampire Blood Drive

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All Bunny wants is to live a perfectly normal student life, but things aren’t what they seem at Bloodhorne University! When she’s swept off her feet at her college’s annual blood drive by dashing butch vampire Velvet, she’s forced to choose between sticking to her ideals...or getting sucked!

Join Bunny and Velvet as they ward off horny vampire hunters, try to pick up girls in a communal queer vampire mansion, fall prey to playboy princes from beyond the deep, and come to one final, life-changing decision that will shape their eternal future in this hilarious, sexy short story collection from author and artist Mira Ong Chua.

Creator(s): Mira Ong Chua
Audience: Adults Only 18+
Format: 280 pages, black & white, perfect bound
Trim Size: 5.2" x 7"