Almost Real Vol. 3

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An idea conceived by Jay Eaton and administered by Fortuna Media's Mia "Hye" Mardikian, Almost Real: A Speculative Biology Zine is a 60+ page art collection/magazine with entries inspired by the imagination, but rooted in the anatomically and functionally plausible. Returning for a splash in Volume 3, with this issue we're descending from the clouds and into the waters below with the theme of Aquatics! 

Creator(s): Edited by Jay Eaton and Mia "Hye" Mardikian. (Contributors) Avida Knebel | Der-shing Helmer | Rosemary Chalmers | Alekivz | Aldrich Hezekiah | Eri Y | Ash G. | Iguanamouth | Quill Garsay | Simon Roy | Joshua A.C. Newman | Feriowind & K.E. Levine
Audience: All Ages
Format: 69 pages, full color, softcover magazine
Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"