Cartozia Tales #1

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Cartozia Tales is an all-ages fantasy series, all set in the same world. But Cartozia is not your standard swords-and-sorcery setting. Although it does have gryphons and dragons and elves, it’s also got stork-headed men and diminutive desert lizard people, wuggamuts and phibbits and tickle crabs, wandering library stairs and a shrinking swamp, essence magicians, incantors, and a global society of cartographers.

Creator(s): Jen Vaughn, Tom Motley, Lupi McGinty, Shawn Cheng, Isaac Cates, Mike Wenthe, Lucy Bellwood, Sarah Becan, and various
Audience: All Ages
Format: zine 52 pages, B&W
Trim Size: Manga sized (6" x 9")