Wondermark: Friends You Can Ride On

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In times like these, we all need good friends. Here is a book featuring scores of pals, on strange misadventures for inscrutable reasons of their own, ready to keep you company through good times and bad.

Wondermark blends the everyday with the bizarre, and this volume collects nearly 500 comic strips in which the peculiar is just another Tuesday — many newly colored for this book — all about bad fonts, sad robots, excitable dodos, and the fine art of eating Cheetos with chopsticks. Plus, a plethora of annotations, bonus art, and some pieces that have, until now, managed to avoid the public eye.

Climb aboard Wondermark: Friends You Can Ride On — your personal rickety mine-cart accelerating dangerously into the silly, sarcastic, razor-sharp world of Wondermark.

Stand-alone volume, but if you're hungry for more Wondermark, check out Wondermark: Emperor of the Food Chain and Wondermark: The Elephant of Surprise.

Creator(s): David Malki!
Audience: Teen+
Format: 304 pages, black and white with some color sections, gorgeous spot gloss hardcover
Trim Size: 8.75" x 9"