Crash & Troy

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Intergalactic mercenaries Rex “Crash” Ballard (a super strong grumpy mutant) and Troy 3.0 (a sentient software arts aficionado) find themselves in hot water after freeing a ruthless dictator from a maximum-security prison planet. Now, they must clean up their mess or find themselves locked up instead. This means working with a very pissed off Chief Fiona Alvarez of the Earth Defense Forces and a no-nonsense handler named Delphi, which is hard for her because there’s a lot of nonsense on the way. Oh, also, there’s going to be an interplanetary war. No sweat for two “pros” like Crash and Troy!

Crash & Troy are your next favorite heroes for hire, in a hilarious heartfelt, freewheeling space adventure for the ages!

Creator(s): Written by Jarred Luján, Art by Kyler Clodfelter, Colors by Bruno Furlani, Letters by Buddy Beaudoin, Cover by Kyler Clodfelter & Bruno Furlani
Audience: Teen+
Format: 112 pages, full color, softcover
Trim Size: 6.325" x 10.25"