King's Keep

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Once there was a frog who lived in a tree, up over the hill beyond the village. In the early light of morning, Frog set out on a journey, to a place where few traveled and even fewer returned. A twisted, rotting place known as the King’s Keep. The frog did not know the way, but they brought a lantern because they knew it would be dark and a sword because they knew what they would find there...

King’s Keep is a dark fairy tale about connection, toxic relationships, and what it means to be brave. This beautifully painted, twelve-page comic book invites you into a world where a bright sky casts long shadows and heroes come in all sizes.

Creator(s): Miyako Molinelli, Sky Fletcher, Joamette Gil, Noah Sharma
Audience: All ages
Format: 12 pages plus cover, full color, single issue comic
Trim Size: 6.325" x 10.25"