Mortimer Megazine #1: Field Guide to Creatures & Cryptids

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Explore cryptids from the far past to the deep future in Mortimer Megazine’s Field
Guide Anthology Series: CRYPTIDS & CREATURES. Complete with stats, history,
sightings, and field notes, you’ll be well equipped to track cryptids like the exquisite
Aquashroom, an elusive Cenakenak, or even the terrifying Grong Grong!

Creator(s): C.A.T. Zimmer, Ben Horak, Brandon Chinn, Cameo Hunter, Christopher
Wayne Griffin, Colin Andersen, Craig van den Bosch, Gabe Nordlund, Grace Witherell, Haley Franklin, Handa, Hannah Houser, Joey Brooks, Marty Gordon, Masha Fikhman, Melissa Barnhill, Michael Andrew Rives, Michael Koehler, Nick “The Hat” Gucker, Stephen Rice, Tuk Morrisson, Valerie Niemeyer
Audience: Teen+
Format: 44 pgs, full color
Trim size: 5.5" x 8.5"