Stanza: Flux

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Push/Pull Press' second collection of themed poetry & art, 2020 edition. The poems and art in this collection surround concepts of flux and change.

content warning: select poems reference death, suicide and abuse that may be traumatic to some readers

Creator(s): cover art by Hayden Stern
layout by Push/Pull Press
poets: Julie Bragg, Zoe Sandalwood, David Lasky, Karen Taylor, Nachiket Naik, Ashton Weis, Ashley DeFelice
artists: Sarah Romano Diehl, David Lasky, Danielle Mapes, Jon Garaizar, Carolyn Hitt, Rachel Quast, Oscar Baechler, Jennifer Ellis, Maybe, Aaron Morgan & Vladimir Verano
Audience: Mature
Format: 32 pages, full color
Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.5"