The Karman Line

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The Karman Line collects Mitsuhashi’s various short stories from the indie manga anthology Suika Toko no Tane. Introducing seven works with a unique, dreamy style

The Karman Line
Night and Voice
Blue Moment
Dream of Sand
Half Star Sky Intermodulation
Specimen Room of Existence

as well as an afterword and two texts.

Kotaro’s works pulse with a vibrant curiosity and subtle beauty. The figures in these stories exist in a place that is simultaneously unearthly and deeply known. Toeing up to, circumscribing, and traversing the wavering boundaries at the edge of imagination, these comics are a both a visual revelry and simultaneously a respectful, even somber, introspection into what it means to be human.

Creator(s): Mitsuhashi Kotaro, emuh ruh (Design, Editing), Tim Sun (Lettering), zhuchka (Translation)
Audience: Teen +
Format: 52 pages, black & white, perfect bound
Trim Size: 5.8" x 8.3"