The Living Altar Oracle Deck

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The Living Altar Oracle Deck is a guide to The Witches Wheel and is intended to serve as both a tutelary and divinatory aide for the curious observer of Witching Ways, the novice Witch, seasoned practitioners, and the weathered Witches among us. With this deck we have built an altar of the seasons, the phases of the moon, the stations of the sun, the journey of life, and have made a holy embodiment of our most sacred relationship with the elements. Each card has been blessed with the elements and infused with spells to empower your inherent magic. You are welcomed to use each card as a focal point for your spell crafting and meditations, as well as an aid in skill set development. We also encourage you to engage these oracle cards as you would any divinatory tool to enhance your intuitive readings. ​

As The Witches Wheel

You’ll see the deck builds power as it maps out the cycles of nature from the Macro Levels; harnessing the rhythms of creation via cosmic and elemental principles, to the Micro Levels; applying these principles to a relationship centered intimacy with the magic of everyday life.

As a Tutelary Aide

You can track the elemental and nature based correspondences throughout the deck and apply their innate principles to your altar working, spell crafting, and to guide the deepening of your relationship with magic.

As an Oracular Aide

You can track the origin, quality, impact, context and directionality of the energy of your inquiry. Each card is a spell, a teacher, and an oracle meant to resource your readings. Access their wisdom and magic to focus and inspire ritual around your intentions; make empowered choices with a renewed confidence and reclaimed sense of agency.

Creator(s): Kiki Robinson & Ylva Radziszewski (Art and Writing), Jessica Marie Mercy (Digital Design), Colleen Twombly Borst (Project Management & Digital Design)
Audience: Teen +
Format: 172 page black and white guidebook, 66 page full color deck with nifty red edges
Trim Size: 6.75" x 4.75" x 2"